Carnegie Mellon University

Common Course Substitutions

The department offering a course or the college that houses the department may offer substitutions.  For a current list, please consult the department administration.  This is a list of common substitutions.

These substitutions are not listed in the Neuroscience major in the course catalog because it is generally not advisable for students to take them as they are more challenging and many are less directly applicable to neuroscience.  However, these substitutions are always acceptable for Neuroscience Majors.

Important note: These are approved substitutions only for the Neuroscience Major.  Other majors and departments may not accept these substitutions.

Instead of 03-121 (Modern Biology), a student may substitute 03-151 (Honors Modern Biology).

Genetics is currently listed as 03-220, the former course number (03-330) is valid as well.

Instead of 09-105 (Introduction to Modern Chemistry I), a student may substitute 09-107 (Honors Chemistry: Fundamentals Concepts and Applications).

Instead of 09-217 (Organic Chemistry I), a student may substitute 09-219 (Modern Organic Chemistry).

Instead of 09-218 (Organic Chemistry II), a student may substitute 09-220 (Modern Organic Chemistry II).

Instead of 09-207 (Techniques in Quantitative Analysis), a student may substitute 09-221 (Laboratory 1)

Instead of 21-120 (Differential and Integral Calculus), a student may substitute BOTH 21-111 and 21-112.
               21-259 (Calculus in 3D) may also be used to substitute for one of the 2 calculus requirements.

Instead of 33-111 (Physics I for Science Students), a student may substitute either 33-106, 33-131, or 33-141.

Instead of 33-122 (Physics II for Biologists and Chemists), a student may substitute either 33-107, 33-112, 33-132, or 33-142.