Carnegie Mellon University

Recommended Neuroscience Electives

The following courses are recommended because they have the most direct relevance for many Neuroscience applications.

Bio & Comp Bio  Physics & Chemistry  Comp Sci & Math  Statistics  BME  Philosophy  Psych  SDS & CNBC

Biology and Computational Biology

03-133        Neurobiology of Disease (formerly 03-260)
03-220        Genetics (formerly 03-330)
03-252        Introduction to Computational Cell Biology
03-512        Computational Methods for Biological Modeling and Simulation
03-231        Biochemistry I
03-260        Neurobiology of Disease
03-320        Cell Biology (formerly 03-240)
03-346        Experimental Neurobiology
03-350        Developmental Biology
NROSCI 1041   Developmental Neuroscience (at University of Pittsburgh)   
02-319/03-360   Computational Neural Genomics            
03-365        Neural Correlates of Learning and Memory
03-366        Biochemistry of the Brain
03-439        Biophysics
03-442        Molecular Biology

Physics & Chemistry

09-217        Organic Chemistry I
33-122        Physics II for Biologists and Chemists

Computer Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, & Mathematics

10-601        Machine Learning
15-381        Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Problem Solving
15-386        Neural Computation
15-/86-387  Computational Perception
15-486        Artificial Neural Networks
15-494        Special Topic: Cognitive Robotics
15-883        Computational Models of Neural Systems
16-299        Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
16-311        Introduction to Robotics
PM-1800     Mathematical Neuroscience (at University of Pittsburgh)


36-247        Statistics for Lab Sciences
36-309        Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences
36-350        Statistical Computing
36-401        Modern Regression
36-462        Topics in Statistics: Data Mining

Biomedical Engineering

42-202        Physiology 
42-/86-631  Neural Data Analysis
42-632        Neural Signal Processing


80-220        Philosophy of Science
80-270        Philosophy of Mind
80-280        Linguistic Analysis
80-314        Logic and Artificial Intelligence


85-102        Introduction to Psychology
85-310        Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology
85-314        Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
85-356        Music and Mind: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Sound
85-370        Perception
85-371        Perception and Consciousness
85-385        Auditory Perception
85-390        Human Memory
85-406        Autism: Psychological and Neuroscience Perspectives
85-408        Visual Cognition
85-412        Cognitive Modeling
85-414        Cognitive Neuropsychology                     
85-419        Introduction to Parallel Distributed Processing       
85-424        Hemispheric Specialization                     
85-426        Learning in Humans and Machines                 
85-429        Cognitive Brain Imaging                     

Social & Decision Sciences & Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

86-387        Computational Perception
86-450        Film, Philosophy and Cognitive Science
88-355        Social Brains: Neural Bases of Social Perception and Cognition