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Any of the following courses may be used as an elective in the Neuroscience Major, provided that course is not being used to fill another requirement.  Some major requirements specify that a portion of some electives course has to be 300-level or above.

Students may also wish to consult our recommended Neuroscience-relevant electives.

Several course substitutions are allowed, but are not always explicitly listed in the catalog.  Individual departments can provide a full list.  A common list of acceptable course substitutions is listed here to complement individual departments' listings.

Additional electives may be approved by the concentration advisors.

Comp Bio  Bio  Chem & Physics  Comp Sci  Math  Statistics  BME  Philosophy & Language  Psych  SDS & CNBC

Computational Biology

02-201        Programming for Scientists
02-250        Introduction to Computational Biology           
02-251        Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology
02-252        Introduction to Computational Cell Biology
02-319/03-360    Computational Neural Genomics
02-512        Computational Methods for Biological Modeling and Simulation

Biological Sciences

03-121/151  Modern Biology / Honors Modern Biology
03-124        Modern Biology Lab
03-133        Neurobiology of Disease (formerly 03-260)
03-201        Undergraduate Colloquium
03-231/232  Biochemistry I
03-220        Genetics (formerly 03-330)
03-320        Cell Biology (formerly 03-240)
03-343        Experimental Techniques in Molecular Biology
03-345        Experimental Cell and Developmental Biology
03-346        Experimental Neurobiology
03-350        Developmental Biology                     
NROSCI 1041   Developmental Neuroscience (at University of Pittsburgh)                   
03-365        Neural Correlates of Learning and Memory
03-366        Biochemistry of the Brain
03-439        Biophysics
03-442        Molecular Biology

Chemistry & Physics

09-105        Introduction to Modern Chemistry I (see possible substitutions)
09-106        Modern Chemistry II
09-207        Techniques in Quantitative Analysis 1
09-217        Organic Chemistry I (see possible substitutions)
09-218        Organic Chemistry II (see possible substitutions)
09-221        Laboratory I: Introduction to Chemical Analysis
09-222        Laboratory II: Organic Synthesis and Analysis (see possible substitutions)
33-121        Physics I for Science Students (see possible substitutions)
33-122        Physics II for Biological Sciences and Chemistry Students (see possible substitutions)

Computer Science, Machine Learning, & Robotics

10-601        Machine Learning
15-110        Principles of Computing     
15-112        Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
15-122        Principles of Imperative Computation
15-150        Principles of Functional Programming              
15-251        Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science
15-381        Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Problem Solving
15-386        Neural Computation
15-/86-387  Computational Perception
15-451        Algorithm Design and Analysis
15-453        Formal Languages, Automata, and Computability
15-486        Artificial Neural Networks
15-494        Special Topic: Cognitive Robotics
15-883        Computational Models of Neural Systems
16-299        Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
16-311        Introduction to Robotics

Mathematical Sciences

21-120        Differential and Integral Calculus (see possible substitutions)
21-122        Integration and Approximation 
   or 21-124 Calculus II for Biologists and Chemists
21-228        Discrete Mathematics
21-241        Matrices and Linear Transformations                
   or 21-240 Matrix Algebra with Applications
21-259        Calculus in 3D
21-341        Linear Algebra
21-372        Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Analysis
PM-1800     Mathematical Neuroscience (at University of Pittsburgh)


36-200        Reasoning with Data (formerly 36-201)
36-/70-208  Regression Analysis
36-217        Probability Theory and Random Processes
  or 36-225  Probability Theory
36-226        Introduction to Statistical Inference
36-247        Statistics for Lab Sciences
36-309        Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences
36-350        Statistical Computing
36-401        Modern Regression
36-462        Topics in Statistics: Data Mining

Biomedical Engineering

42-202        Physiology                             
42-203        Biomedical Engineering Laboratory      [BME majors have strong priority]          
42-/86-631  Neural Data Analysis
42-632        Neural Signal Processing

English & Philosophy

76-385        Introduction to Discourse Analysis
80-210        Logic and Proofs
80-211        Logic and Mathematical Inquiry
80-220        Philosophy of Science
80-254        Analytic Philosophy
80-270        Philosophy of Mind
80-280        Linguistic Analysis
80-314        Logic and Artificial Intelligence


85-102        Introduction to Psychology
85-221        Principles of Child Development
85-241        Social Psychology
85-261        Abnormal Psychology
85-310        Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology
85-314        Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
85-356        Music and Mind: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Sound
85-370        Perception
85-371        Perception and Consciousness
85-385        Auditory Perception
85-390        Human Memory
85-406        Autism: Psychological and Neuroscience Perspectives
85-408        Visual Cognition
85-412        Cognitive Modeling
85-414        Cognitive Neuropsychology                     
85-419        Introduction to Parallel Distributed Processing
85-424        Hemispheric Specialization                     
85-426        Learning in Humans and Machines                 
85-429        Cognitive Brain Imaging                     
85-442        Health Psychology                         
85-501        Stress, Coping and Well-Being                 
85-xxx        Art and the Brain
85-xxx        Science and Philosophy of Perception

Social & Decision Sciences & Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

86-387        Computational Perception
86-450        Film, Philosophy and Cognitive Science
88-355        Social Brains: Neural Bases of Social Perception and Cognition