Carnegie Mellon University

Core Neuroscience Courses

The following courses are the core Neuroscience courses that are most directly about brain function and its relationship to behavior.

02-219/03-360    Computational Neural Genomics
03-133    Neurobiology of Disease (formerly 03-260)
03-161    Molecules to Mind
03-346    Experimental Neuroscience
03-362    Cellular Neuroscience
03-363    Systems Neuroscience
03-365    Neural Correlates of Learning and Memory
03-366    Biochemistry of the Brain
03-762    Advanced Cellular Neuroscience
03-763    Advanced Systems Neuroscience
03-765    Advanced Neural Correlates of Learning and Memory
10-601    Introduction to Machine Learning (Masters)
15-381    Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Problem Solving
15-386    Neural Computation
15-453    Formal Languages, Automata, and Computability
15-494    Special Topic: Cognitive Robotics
15-874    Machine Learning from Neural Cortical Networks
15-883    Computational Models of Neural Systems
16-299    Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
16-311    Introduction to Robotics
36-401    Modern Regression
36-759    Statistical Models of the Brain
42-631    Neural Data Analysis (cross-listed as 86-631)
42-632    Neural Signal Processing
80-314    Logic and Artificial Intelligence
85-211    Cognitive Psychology
85-213    Human Information Processing and Artifical Intelligence
85-219    Biological Foundations of Behavior
85-314    Cognitive Neuroscience Research Methods
85-356    Music and Mind: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Sound
85-370    Perception
85-385    Auditory Perception
85-406    Autism: Psychological and Neuroscience Perspectives
85-408    Visual Cognition
85-412    Cognitive Modeling
85-414    Cognitive Neuropsychology
85-419    Introduction to Parallel Distributed Processing
85-424    Hemispheric Specialization: Why, How and What?
85-426    Learning in Humans and Machines
85-429    Cognitive Brain Imaging
85-719    Introduction to Parallel Distributed Processing
85-765    Cognitive Neuroscience
86-375    Computational Perception
88-355    Social Brains: Neural Bases of Social Perception and Cognition