The Seventh U.S.-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology:
Nanomaterials and Systems for Nano Energy

Seoul, Korea, April 5-6, 2010


General Information









M.S. Jhon (U.S.A.)
Carnegie Mellon University

J.W. Lee (Korea)
The National Program for Tera-level Nanodevices

The Forum will be held for two days with optional third day participation:

The first day, April 5th, will consist of oral presentations and keynote speech (Korea). The topics will primarily be in the emerging area of nano-energy fundamentals as well as novel applications. Each oral presenter will give 15 minutes talk (including questions) focusing on fundamentals, initiatives, contributions, review, and findings.

The second day, April 6th, will have a keynote speech (U.S.) and poster session. The poster presenters (early-career participants) will also give 3 minutes oral talk summarizing their poster.  There will be panel discussions among the sub-groups of participants, for a closer examination of nano- energy fundamentals focusing on novel nanomaterials, energy storage including batteries and supercapacitors, sustainable energy technology including fuel cells and solar energy as well as other long term energy technologies such as thermoelectricity, hydrogen generation, and combustion engines. The recommendations of sub-groups will be used as the basis for the summary and the action items for this Forum during the conclusion session.

Program Outline



April 5

 Technical Forum & Reception

April 6

 Poster Presentation

 Group-based Discussion Workshop


Meeting Place

ECC, Ewha Womans Univ., Seoul, Korea