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CMU-Africa: Payroll Project and Workday Implementation


In partnership with the Office of Human Resources and the College of Engineering, CMU-Africa will implement a new, streamlined payroll system for all employees in Rwanda. 

This new system will launch in the Summer of 2023. In addition to implementing a new payroll system, we will utilize Workday more effectively as a repository for additional employee life cycle actions.

Our teams will use a phased approach as these changes take effect. The anticipated changes in each phase are as follows.



Phase 2: Leaves

May 2023

All leaves (including Annual Leave) and associated approval processes will transition to Workday.

Phase 3: Payslips

June 2023

The payroll vendor will transition to Safeguard and Payslips will be available in Workday.


Phase 1: Payment Elections and Demographics

January 2023

  • New Hire onboarding activities transitioned to Workday.
  • Current employees updated/validated current banking and demographic information in Workday.
  • Hire and Change Job activities transitioned to Workday.

When To Act

Phase 2: Leaves

First Action Date: Monday, May 1, 2023

Starting May 1, all employees working for CMU-Africa will begin utilizing Workday to track and request time off (i.e, Rwanda Annual Leave, Rwanda Sick Leave). You will need to take the following actions:
  • Check Your Time Off Balance: Your annual leave balance as of March 31, 2023 was loaded from your spreadsheet into Workday.  Please review your balance to make sure it is accurate.
  • Enter Any Time Off Request for the Month of April: If you take any time off in the month of April, you will need to enter it into Workday after May 1.  This is important to ensure that your overall time off balance is up to date.
In preparation for the migration of leave balances, scheduled training will cover how to view and track your time off in Workday.

What You Need To Do

Check Out The System Guide

CMU-Africa: Tracking Time Off in Workday System Guide [pdf]

Attend A Live Training

We will host live training from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. CAT on May 4, May 5 and May 10. To register, RSVP to
For those unable to attend a live training,  you can check out the Workday Tutorial Video or the recorded training below. 

watch the Workday Tutorial Video

CMU-Africa: Time Off in Workday Tutorial [YouTube]

watch a Recorded Training

CMU-Africa: Time Off in Workday Training [Zoom Recording] Passcode: CMU_Africa_2023!

Phase 3: Payslips

First Action Date:  June 2023 (planned)

Starting June 2023 (date to be announced), the CMU-Africa payroll vendor will transition to Safeguard. With the transition, Payslips will now be accessible in Workday.

A penny test is planned to ensure employees' bank account information is correct and their direct deposits are working as expected.

Watch for email communication regarding the penny test in preparation for these events. A Workday tutorial video and system guide will also be available.

What You Need To Do

Watch for email communication on the penny test

Stay tuned for an email with instructions on verifying your bank account information with a small deposit.

Check Out The System Guides

Viewing Payslips in Workday – Coming Soon!

watch The Workday Tutorial Video

Coming Soon! 


Live Training

Check out the live training once available via Zoom at times listed on the schedule below (CAT/EST). To RSVP, reach out to

If you cannot attend, check out our on-demand resources and guides

Training Audience Date Time
Time Off in Workday All Employees

Thursday, May 4, 2023

3 p.m. CAT/8 a.m. EST

Time Off in Workday All Employees

Friday, May 5, 2023

3 p.m. CAT/8 a.m. EST

Time Off in Workday All Employees

Wednesday,  May 10, 2023

3 p.m. CAT/8 a.m. EST

Guides and On-Demand Resources


Phase 3: Payslips

System Guide

  • Viewing Payslips in Workday System Guide – Coming Soon!

On-Demand Training

  • View Your Payslip Tutorial Video – Coming Soon!

CMU-Africa Staff Handbook Updates

The CMU-Africa Staff Handbook is in the process of being updated, and it will be published on May 1, 2023. Some key highlights from the updated CMU-Africa Staff Handbook include:

  • Work Week: Reflected change to a 37.5-hour work week
  • Benefits and Retirement: Included reference to CMU-Africa benefit programs, including health and welfare, and clarified available retirement savings plan options for CMU-Africa employees.
  • Time Off Benefits: Included reference to time off and leave benefits available to CMU-Africa employees and the associated eligibility requirements.
  • Sick Leave Benefits: Aligned short-term and long-term sick leave benefits with Rwandan law.
  • Parental Leave: Added reference to the university’s staff parental leave benefits program that parents, excluding birth parents who are eligible for Rwandan maternity leave benefits, are eligible for up to two weeks of paid parental leave to bond with a newborn, newly adopted or newly fostered child, or child for whom legal guardianship has been appointed. The Staff Parental Leave Program runs concurrently with any applicable Rwandan circumstantial leave entitlements.
These are just some highlights from the updated CMU-Africa Staff Handbook [pdf]—be sure to review the handbook in-depth for all the details!

Communication Repository

All communications distributed via HR Communications to CMU-Africa are available for quick access.

Send Date Audience Communication
May 18, 2023 All Employees Participation Required: Upcoming Payroll Test [pdf]
May 2, 2023 All Employees Time-Off Requests Live in Workday [pdf]
April 24, 2023 All Employees Action Requested: Prepare for Upcoming HR Process Changes [pdf]
March 20, 2023 All Employees Upcoming Changes to HR Processes: CMU-Africa Payroll Project Phase 2 [pdf]
Dec. 15, 2022 All Employees Important: Sign up for training and review required actions! [pdf]
Dec. 1, 2022 All Employees Upcoming Changes to HR Processes in CMU-Africa [pdf]