Carnegie Mellon University

Zhuqing Yang

Zhuqing Daphne Yang

Class of 2023


Mathematical Sciences and a minor in Computational Finance. Prior to the MSCF program, Daphne conducted research on Particle Filtering methods with Monte Carlo sampling to study stochastic processes, especially in finance, and practiced potential applications of Particle Filtering methods in solving pricing problems with only partial data. She then interned as a Quantitative Analyst at Silver Leaf, where she constructed dynamic group of stock-index options to model rate of return of stock-index futures, based on option group’s implied volatility, cost, and leverage. Daphne joined the MSCF program to hone her data science abilities to cope with large-scale financial datasets in the real world and to establish professional skills to fix the career market needs.  She hopes to pursue a career in quantitative modeling, quantitative research or quantitative trading.