Carnegie Mellon University

Xingyi Andrew

Xingyi (Morgan) Andrew

Class of 2023


Xingyi (Morgan) Andrew graduated from University of California, Los Angeles in 2020, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics. During her undergraduate study, Morgan gained a solid foundation in mathematics and economics, and developed a passion for the application of mathematics in the real world. She conducted a data-driven econometric project to predict the future movement of treasury rates and mortgage rates that led her to understand the power and complexity of quantitative analysis with the real-world data. During her internship at China International Capital Corporation, she implemented asset allocation strategies using the Risk Parity model and conducted portfolio analysis, where she gained more insights and experience in the financial industry and portfolio management. Morgan also served as the treasurer of an International Club as well as volunteering for more than 250 hours of community service. Through these experiences, she strengthened her leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Morgan joined the MSCF Program to sharpen her quantitative skills and expand her knowledge in global markets. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career in quantitative research, portfolio analytics or asset management.