Carnegie Mellon University

Ming-Hsiu Hu

Ming-Hsiu Matthew Hu

Class of 2023


Ming-Hsiu (Matthew) Hu graduated from National Chiao Tung University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Finance. Before the MSCF program, Matthew has been wearing different hats in quantitative finance, consulting, and data science. He was a Quantitative Trading & DevOps Intern at Bincentive, a crypto asset management firm in Taiwan. He assisted in launching systematic trading products for retail investors to gain long-term stable returns in the crypto market. Furthermore, Matthew worked as an IT Advisory and Risk Consulting Intern at KPMG, where he delivered an AI governance framework to help non-technical audiences better understand machine learning algorithms. He recently joined Elenchus Partners LLC, a hedge fund startup in New York City, as a Machine Learning Intern. He calibrated DNN models to improve the predictability of equities asset pricing. Matthew joined the MSCF program to strengthen his quantitative skills further, study the latest artificial intelligence applications in finance, and continue his journey in quantitative finance. Currently, he is actively seeking opportunities in quantitative trading/research, risk management, data science.