Carnegie Mellon University

Bohang Wei

Bohang Bruce Wei

Class of 2023


Bohang (Bruce) Wei graduated from The Ohio State University in 2021, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Science and Data Analytics (double majors), and a minor in Mathematics.

He gained solid and rigorous training in Data Science related fields such as Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Natural Language Processing during his undergraduate time. He also completed two internships with Accenture (Collaborated with TDAI at OSU), and Bank of America during his undergraduate time. From both experiences he identified his interest in exploring how AI and Machine Learning have reshaped the finance industry in the recent years, and decided to pursue a career in quantitative finance.

Apart from having an analytical mindset, he is also enthusiastic in sports such as soccer and table tennis, and he holds 5 Dan (semi-professional standing) in The Game of “Go” (The chessboard game which the famous AI “AlphaGo” was applied upon, originated from Ancient China). He joined MSCF in 2021, looking forward to sharpening his skillset in quantitative finance, and intending to become a quantitative researcher, strategic modeler, or data scientist upon completing the program.