Carnegie Mellon University

Xinran Qian

Xinran (Charles) Qian

Class of 2022


Xinran (Charles) Qian graduated with a Summa Cum Laude Distinction from University of California, Los Angeles in 2020, with a BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and a specialization in Computing. Before joining MSCF, he spent the summer of 2020 as an intern quantitative analyst at XLP Capital. While there, Charles devoted his time to implementing advanced neural networks in the firm’s proprietary programming language to predict time series from the equities market. Prior to that, he had internship experiences at several private equity funds in both the US and China, where he acquired the skills of fundamental analysis. Charles Joined MSCF to further his quantitative skills and learn the details of the finance industry. Upon his graduation, he intends to pursue a career in quantitative research or quantitative trading.