Carnegie Mellon University

Shijia Li

Shijia (Scarlett) Li

Class of 2022


Shijia (Scarlett) Li graduated with highest distinction and honors from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with bachelor’s degrees in Data Science and Actuarial Mathematics. Prior to joining MSCF program, she interned as an actuarial analyst at Munich Reinsurance Company in Atlanta. She built and streamlined a corporate reserve valuation and projection model by creating a risk analysis system for Individual Disability Insurance business. She developed technical skills in financial modelling and programming as well as soft skills in communication and presentation in the internship. In the final semester of her undergraduate study, she participated in an academic quantitative research project of statistical arbitrage opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. She constructed statistical features and built regression models to find the alpha signals and to predict the movement of market. She also conducted feature selection and model tuning with statistical techniques such as Ridge and Lasso Regression. She found her passion in exploring the hidden signals in the financial market and constructing trading strategies with quantitative methods through the project. With desire to pursue her career path in quantitative finance, Scarlett joined the MSCF program to further strengthen her quantitative skills. After graduation, Scarlett intends to pursue a career in quantitative trading, quantitative research or risk management.