Carnegie Mellon University

Haozhe Du

Haozhe (Harley) Du

Class of 2022


Haozhe (Harley) Du graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. During his undergraduate studies, he was fascinated with finding solutions for real-world problems using quantitative approaches. He developed his interest through analyzing and interpreting data using statistical models and programming on several research projects.

Before joining MSCF, Harley completed several internships across different industries, including sales and trading, asset management, and venture capital. During his recent internships at Credit Suisse and TruValue Asset Management, he strengthened programming and data science skills by conducting quantitative research for Alpha signals, automating report generation processes, and constructing statistical models for transactional cost analysis.

Harley joined the MSCF program to further strengthen his mathematical and computational skills. Upon graduation, he intends to pursue a career in quantitative research, quantitative trading/sales and trading, and asset management.