Carnegie Mellon University

Qiuyu Wang

Qiuyu Katie Wang

Class of 2021


Qiuyu (Katie) Wang graduated with College and University Honors from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2019, with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and an additional major in Statistics and Data Science. During her undergraduate study, she gained a solid foundation in mathematics, data science, along with heavy exposure to programming and financial products. She participated in a mathematical finance research – a research in examining the effectiveness of False Discovery Rate in making true discoveries in Pairs Trading strategy. During her quant research internship at Rock Creek Group in Washington DC, she conducted sentiment analysis on hedge funds’ periodic reports using machine learning algorithms to construct market sentiment framework and advise portfolio managers for macro trend analysis on different markets. She also interned at CITIC Securities where she drafted research reports and improved investment strategies. She joined the MSCF program aiming to further sharpening her financial modelling skills to pursue a career in quantitative research or quantitative trading.