Carnegie Mellon University

Zihao Jiang

Zihao Ryan Jiang

Class of 2018


Zihao (Ryan) Jiang graduated magma cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in applied mathematics and business economy. During his undergraduate study, he built solid foundations in mathematics, computer science, and finance. He also passed the CFA Level I exam in June, 2015 by self-study. Previously, he worked as an investment analyst in Ping An Bank in China, and as a portfolio analyst in the Bank of China Wealth Management Division. These internships developed his passion for a career in finance. Over the past two years, he worked as a research assistant on two research programs at UCLA, in the fields of derivative pricing models and FOREX trading algorithms. During the research programs, he strengthened his quantitative skills in date mining and machine learning, and deepened his understanding of global markets. His outstanding academic performance also earned him a teaching assistant position in the foreign exchange market class at UCLA, where he had the opportunity to perfect his communication and presentation skills. Ryan joined the MSCF program to further integrate his quantitative and finance knowledge. He is pursuing a career in trading or quantitative research.