Carnegie Mellon University

Yiping Ma

Yiping Kevin Ma

Class of 2018


Yiping (Kevin) Ma graduated magna cum laude from Tsinghua University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and a Bachelor of Science in mathematics. Prior to the MSCF program, he interned at the Global Markets team at BNP Paribas, performing in-depth analysis on FX markets to provide clients with trading and hedging recommendations. Yiping also gained experience in developing quantitative strategies during his internship at Lord Abbett Fund. He researched extensively on pairs trading strategy and largely increased the strategy’s risk-adjusted returns by the sorting method used in Fama and French (1993). The academic and professional experiences of Yiping, together with his enthusiasm for quantitative finance, motivated him to join the MSCF program for further training in this field. Yiping hopes to pursue a career in quantitative research, trading and structuring.