Carnegie Mellon University

Xiaopeng Liu

Xiaopeng Lily Liu

Class of 2018

Pittsburgh Campus


Xiaopeng (Lily) Liu graduated from Tsinghua University in 2016, with a bachelor’s in economics and finance and a minor in Journalism. Through internship experiences and research projects in quantitative finance, Xiaopeng gained not only solid skills in quantitative modeling, mathematics and statistics, but also full exposure to the industry. During her undergraduate study, she worked as a quant research intern at I-Kuanriver Fund, where she applied her quant skills to develop trading strategies in the futures market and structured funds market. She also back-tested the strategies via programming and optimized parameters in adjustment to statistical features. Before that, she was an Investor Services intern at J.P. Morgan, where she worked collaboratively on projects that increased client transparency and improved client ROI. Xiaopeng seeks career opportunities in trading, quantitative research, risk modeling or asset management.