Carnegie Mellon University

Shinsaku Tagawa

Shinsaku Tagawa

Class of 2018

Pittsburgh Campus


Shinsaku Tagawa graduated from Keio University in Japan with Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees in 2008. In his academic research, he took part in a project to generate a map of expected earthquake damage in the area surrounding the university’s campus using Matlab and mathematical and engineering knowledge, which helped boost local residents' interest in earthquakes. After graduation, Shinsaku joined the Daiwa Institute of Research in Japan, which is the think tank of the Daiwa Securities company. At Daiwa, he started his career as a network engineer. Then he moved to the company's Hong Kong branch and engaged in IT planning, IT aecurity & risk management. After he was back to Japan, he worked as an operator of a derivatives trading system, which spurred him to pursue the MSCF program at CMU. His goal is to advance his IT skills with the knowledge of high level quantitative finance and apply it to his future career.