Carnegie Mellon University

Jordan Platts

Jordan Platts

Class of 2018

NY Campus


Jordan Platts started his career in 2014 at Cain Brothers Asset Management, which was later acquired by BPV Capital Management. BPV is a money management firm that had over $1.5 Billion in AUM during his two years of employment. Jordan traded Agency MBS and Treasuries, as well as developed several pieces of software. When he joined BPV, he was chosen by management to spearhead several software development projects aimed at solving loosely defined problems. Jordan enjoys and excels at projects which require him to show initiative and teamwork to develop the best solution for all stakeholders. As he grew in his position and learned the money management business, Jordan assisted the Fixed Income team in evaluating and trading bonds. In total Jordan has traded over $20 Million in Agency MBS and US Treasuries to date. At the same time, Jordan assisted other PMs in data analysis for proprietary quantitative strategies. Prior to joining the team at BPV Jordan attended the University of Central Florida where he graduated with degrees in computer science and finance.