Carnegie Mellon University

Jiawen Zhang

Jiawen Jessica Zhang

Class of 2018


Jiawen (Jessica) Zhang earned a Bachelor of Economics in finance from Nanjing University. As a top student in the Finance Department, she has explored interdisciplinary subjects including mathematics, statistics, finance, and computer science during the undergraduate studies. In 2015, she worked with two Physics students on the paper “A Feasible Program to Beat Ebola,” which won them the Meritorious Winner in Mathematical Contest in Modeling, USA. That contest cultivated her abilities in interdisciplinary cooperation, strategic analysis, written skills and project management. Prior to joining the MSCF Program, she interned as investment intern at Hua An Securities, where she assisted Senior Quant Research in conducting pricing callable and convertible bonds using binomial lattice methods with a host of short-term rate models such as Hull and White and volunteered to write Python and VBA scripts to automate the risk analysis of a bond fund, which was later adopted by the team. By joining the MSCF program, she aims to leverage her technical skills and develop a more comprehensive market view. Upon graduation, Jiawen seeks a career in quantitative finance.