Carnegie Mellon University

Hanjie Shi

Hanjie Steven Shi

Class of 2018

NY Campus


Hanjie (Steven) Shi graduated with distinction and honors from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in finance in 2016. He also received minor in economics and statistics through undergraduate study. In his senior honors thesis, he discussed the discrete time model, especially the generalized binomial model in valuing options, which built a foundation for option pricing and pushed him to pursue the MSCF program. He also participated in the Rotman International Trading Competition as a team member of the Penn State University in 2016. He gained insights of trading and developed models for different trading cases through market simulations. Steven has interned at a consulting firm, Stock Exchange and a fund of fund capital where he learned about the global capital markets through in-depth industry research. Upon completion of the MSCF program, He is seeking a career in trading or quantitative structuring.