Carnegie Mellon University

Shanshan Liu

Shanshan Liu

Senior Associate – PNC

What is your educational / professional background and how did you become interested in quant finance?

I majored in Accounting and Actuarial Science in undergrad. After working in the Business Valuation Division for a few years, I found my passion for finance and programming, which led me to my interest in quant finance.  

Describe your current role and the most fulfilling aspects of your job.

I’m working in the Analytics Team under the Asset and Liability Group, where I do a lot of analytic reports and forecasts. The most fulfilling aspects of the job is that good work will be recognized quickly in our team.

What are the top skills required for success in your role/job?

Knowledge of fixed income, coding (Python, SQL and VBA), and being detail-oriented are all crucial to success in my role.

How did the MSCF program prepare you for your career?

I learned a lot of finance, mathematics and programming from MSCF, which are extremely useful in my current field. I also learned machine learning and deep learning, which helped me to become competitive in this field.

What is your favorite memory from your time in the MSCF program?

Always learning new knowledge at a fast pace. Even though MSCF is an intensive program, eventually all of the hard work paid off.

What advice would you give to someone considering the MSCF program?

Start reviewing machine learning, mathematics and finance before the program starts if you can, as MSCF is a lot of work and moves quickly!