Carnegie Mellon University

Palash Kasodhan

Palash Kasodhan

Engineering Manager - Meta

Please describe your role at Meta.

As an Engineering Manager at Instagram (a Meta-owned company) I am responsible for keeping Instagram safe and welcoming for everyone. Our approach involves building systems and analytics to accomplish this in a systematic and scalable way.

Why did you make a career change?

After having worked in the financial industry for multiple years building systems and analytics in support of different asset classes, I was looking for a fresh challenge. Upon stepping out of my comfort zone, I found that my technical, quantitative and people management skills are equally welcome in the Tech industry.

What are the top skills for success in your role?

The key skills required for success in my role include a general understanding of machine learning and modeling, development of large scale distributed systems, and people management skills.

What are the most fulfilling aspects of your job?

Social media apps like Instagram present different opportunities for people to connect and build businesses but also potentially expose users to various forms of unwelcome behavior and content. I find it personally rewarding that I am fighting the good fight and helping keep Instagram close to its original mission, something that people want and see value in.

How did the MSCF program prepare you for your career?

I am very grateful that I was able to participate in the MSCF program and learn from a very knowledgeable set of professors and student body. MSCF provided the foundations for my quantitative and modeling skills and the program’s reputation and alumni network helped me get started in my quant career. The skills I acquired both during the program and over the course of my quant career helped me successfully pivot and find a new and rewarding second career.

What career advice do you have for current MSCF students?

MSCF students pick up very valuable technical, quantitative and interpersonal skills, which are valuable in multiple industries. Let your career evolve continuously and let your career choices be defined by your interest and skills rather than by your degree.