Carnegie Mellon University
May 03, 2018

2018 Rotman International Trading Competition

Carnegie Mellon University's MSCF team places first within the US, fifth internationally.

We are pleased to announce Carnegie Mellon MSCF placed first among US colleges and universities, and fifth internationally at the 2018 Rotman International Trading competition held in February at the University of Toronto.

Congratulations to our six MSCF team members, Fengge Hu, Kai Iek Lin, Yuze Liu, Richard Rosenbaum, Ran Wei and Wangshu Yang who, competing against teams from 52 colleges and universities worldwide finished the highest in the four years we have participated in this competition.

To achieve their fifth place finish, the MSCF team placed in the top ten in five out of six cases, including BP Commodities, Fixed Income, MATLAB Volatility, Flow Traders ETF and Schonfeld Algo.

Many thanks to MSCF alumnus Brandon Balena, a trader by profession himself, who served as the team’s coach. Rick Bryant, MSCF’s Executive Director said, “We are very pleased with the result and with the competition itself. The Rotman trading platform and tutorials provide a valuable educational experience for our students and we are glad to be a part of it.”