Carnegie Mellon University
October 25, 2018

Quantbot Technologies Invests in Next Generation of Quants

On April 12, 2018, Quantbot Technologies, LP and its management team, led in part by MSCF alumnus Ashar Mahboob (Class of ’97), announced its sponsorship of the large classroom at MSCF’s newly renovated New York City location at 55 Broad St.

With a strong focus on leveraging research findings to answer financial questions and solve societal problems, Quantbot made a visible investment in the mission of MSCF through a new plaque at the entrance of the classroom.

“We need more quants with strong skills in mathematics, computing and quantitative finance to serve our banks, communities and financial institutions,” said Michael Botlo, CEO of Quantbot. “The MSCF program provides that next generation of quants that we need.”

Quantbot is a global quantitative investment advisor, established in 2009 by a four-principal team, following their success in electronic trading at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. The company manages a multi-billion dollar portfolio and employs a growing team of individuals focused on deploying quantitative methodologies. The company receives backing from Schonfeld Group Holdings, a family office that allocates capital among a large group of independent investment advisers. 

“MSCF thrives on the generous support of a robust alumni network,” said Rick Bryant, Executive Director of MSCF. “We are thrilled to have successful alumni who are in a position to give back and provide students with unique experiences and state of the art classrooms and facilities.”

Recognized as one of the top AI professionals in hedge funds, Botlo firmly upholds finance as one of the fundamental pillars of today’s society and believes in the positive impact that research and technology can have on answering societal questions. Quantbot’s contribution to the MSCF program symbolizes the organization’s belief in higher education and aligns with its broader mission to support society through improved quantitative finance. 

“MSCF has a solid combination of STEM disciplines and practical industry experience,” said Botlo. “We partner with successful MSCF alumni and look forward to maintaining that tradition and attracting more talent from the program.” 

In addition to the visual sign of endorsement, Quantbot will host seminars and networking opportunities in the new space. At 1,387 square feet, the Quantbot Classroom holds 68 seats and will be used by MSCF students for core coursework, including video conferencing and connecting to the CMU Campus in Pittsburgh.