Carnegie Mellon University
April 09, 2019

MSCF Women in Finance Events 2019

The MSCF Program hosted two separate events in April of 2019 featuring MSCF alumni and other finance industry professionals.

The first event kicked off the Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference hosted by CMU. MSCF facilitated the “Data Science in the Finance Industry- Trends and Opportunities” panel discussion in New York that was live-streamed to the Pittsburgh campus. Panelists included Sherry Marcus, Managing Director, Co-head, at Blackrock AI Labs; Claudia Perlich, Senior Data Scientist at Two Sigma; Lisa Schirf, former COO, data strategies group and AI research at Citadel; and Sameena Shah, Managing Director, Head of Data Science, at S&P Global Ratings.

The experts gave unique perspectives on their career paths in financial data science and offered advice for finance professionals interested in pursuing these positions. They also provided insights on key trends and future opportunities for data science professionals in the finance industry.

The second event, “Women Leadership in Finance”, was moderated by Satakshi Malik, Director at Workout & Recovery Management for Deutsche Bank (MSCF 2007). Participants included Joyce Chang, Chair of Global Research at J.P. Morgan; Vivien Huang, Founder and CIO of VWH Capital Management, LP; Lisa Mantil, Partner & Head of Distribution for the Americas Electronic Trading at Goldman Sachs; and Ellen Wang, CIO and Managing Partner at Academy Investment Management LLC (MSCF 1999).

The women leaders addressed various career-focused topics on achieving success in the finance industry. Topics included how the panelists attained their career goals, tips for overcoming cultural and gender biases and advice for new graduates on navigating workplace challenges for career growth. 

MSCF is committed to supporting women in the finance industry and will be continuing the Women Leadership in Finance series in the summer/fall of 2019.