Carnegie Mellon University

Woman in Quant Finance 2021

Improved financial stability. Better risk management. Stronger client relationships. These are just a few of the many advantages financial services companies have realized with increased female representation across their organizations, and the quantitative finance sector is no exception.

The demand for women with proven STEM skills in quant finance has never been higher. Female MSCF graduates are enjoying successful careers within multiple quant finance segments and job functions, and they are earning high salaries. Based on the recent MSCF Alumni Survey Report findings, over 1 in 3 MSCF alumnae earn $250,000 or more annually.

The MSCF program is committed to increasing representation of women in quant finance: over the past three years, an average of 38% of MSCF graduates were female. If you have a strong background in mathematics and statistics with an interest in programming, we invite you to learn more about quantitative finance and how the MSCF program can help you excel in this dynamic and exciting career.