Carnegie Mellon University
November 09, 2020

2020 Rotman International Trading Competition

The Rotman International Trading Competition recently announced that MSCF Student Mehul Salhotra won the Top Individual Performer prize in the Liquidity Risk Case during the 2020 competition, which was held at the University of Toronto in February. He had the highest P&L dollar value among 47 schools that participated in the Liquidity Risk (Market Making) Case. 

The case challenged participants to put their critical thinking and analytical abilities to test in an environment that required them to evaluate the liquidity risk associated with tender offers.

"It was a thrilling experience to participate in the competition as it emulated the fast-paced nature of quantitative finance that initially drew me to this industry,” Salhotra said.  “The competition truly brought together our Rotman cohort, and it was a rewarding experience preparing with the Carnegie Mellon team to represent our university in the international competition. I particularly enjoyed the Liquidity Risk Event as we had the chance to blend our MSCF curriculum with elements of market making." 

MSCF Executive Director Rick Bryant agreed. “Rotman provides our students an opportunity to employ in a serious competition the technical and quantitative skills learned in the program. We have been pleased to be a part of this for many years and, on behalf of all of us in the MSCF program, our congratulations to Mehul on his success!”