Carnegie Mellon University

Deutsche Bank Trading Competition

Professor: David Handron

Department: Math

Course Number: 46980

Description: Using equity, fixed income and derivatives securities on a paper trading platform through Interactive Brokers, individuals trade and make markets. Deutsche bankers meet with students to conduct practice sessions in August at which time pre-trade trading strategies are submitted to Deutsche. The competition runs from mid-September to mid-October of the second year of the program. At the conclusion of the competition, students submit a post-trade summary analysis. These pre- and post-strategy papers are evaluated by Deutsche Bank as qualitative factors in the awards decision along with the individual’s trading performance. The top three winners are awarded cash prizes (1st: $1,000; 2nd: $500; 3rd: $250) and are honored in the company of all trading participants at a reception hosted by Deutsche Bank in New York in late October.

Prerequisites: None