Carnegie Mellon University

Financial Aid

Qualified M.S. in Computational Biology students may be able to find work as either research assistants (RAs) or teaching assistants (TAs). We strongly advise that students wait until the second semester to begin work as a RA or TA. Note that the number of RA and TA positions is limited and we do not guarantee that you will be able to find a job. Both RAs and TAs work on an hourly wage and do not receive a monthly stipend. For international students, number of allowed work hours for wages is determined by their visa regulations.

Students are encouraged to obtain their own source of funding through fellowships and scholarships. The University’s Fellowships and Scholarships Office (FSO) maintains a database of financial aid and fellowship information. The Coordinator of Graduate Programs is available to help students complete these applications.

All applications must go through the Business Manager’s Office. The Business Manager must be notified in advance of the application submission and must receive a full copy of the application when it is completed.

All fellowships are administered by the Department and the University.

International students should check with their home country for additional funding opportunities and private loans. Our graduating students' high starting salaries make loan repayment very manageable.

Academic Year Employment in Research

Students are allowed to work for pay on projects separate from their research-for-credit projects (03-700 & 02-700), provided academic progress is not compromised. For students who desire to earn wages, there are limited employment opportunities in faculty research groups. Students are responsible for seeking out such opportunities. It is strongly advised that students wait until their second semester to begin work on a paid research project.

The number of hours worked will not exceed 12 hours per week; the pay scale will ordinarily range from $10 to $15 per hour.