Carnegie Mellon University
Words of Wisdom from Current Students

As a new graduate student at Carnegie Mellon, you likely have questions on topics ranging from classes to what to do in your leisure time. The current Biological Sciences graduate students have put together a comprehensive list of issues that will hopefully answer any questions you have about the Department, Carnegie Mellon or moving to Pittsburgh.

Home Phone

Many people find that having a home phone is completely unnecessary when having a mobile phone. However, if you are trying to communicate with people in different countries it may be valuable to get a home phone with a long distance plan. Skype is a great alternative to a home phone that will let you communicate with people all over the globe for free (if they also have skype and access to the internet) or for cheap (if they do not have access to the internet). See the options below for more information:

Option 1:

Download and use Skype from It is free to download and free to call other people on Skype (including video conferencing if you have a webcam). This is especially useful for international students with anxious parents. If you decide to use this option and your family members are computer illiterate, please install the software for them and teach them how to use it before coming here). Skype can also call landlines and mobile phones at fairly cheap rates but may be subject to poor quality signal and dropped calls at times owing to internet traffic.

Option 2:

Verizon ( is the major telephone network in the area. It can be offered as a bundled package with mobile phones as well as internet (DSL) so it can be fairly cheap if you subscribe to internet/residential line/mobile phone line together. Please be aware that speed of DSL internet connection can be affected by the residential area you stay in as DSL speed is influenced by the distance of your home from the base station.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have become commonplace all over the globe. Verizon wireless is typically the go-to wireless service provider amongst graduate students as it is relatively cheap and provides the best coverage around Pittsburgh.

Option 1:

During the University Orientation period, there will be some vendors from some mobile phone companies with plans catered for students. They will set up stalls and displays in the University Center. Quality and cost is unknown.

Option 2:

Major mobile phone companies include AT&T/Cingular (, Vodafone/Verizon Wireless ( Monthly plans as well as prepaid phone accounts (which can be recharged online) are available. If you do not have a mobile phone, you may wish to check if buying a phone from your home country/state is cheaper than Pittsburgh. Also, if you wish to purchase a mobile phone along with a monthly plan, you may need to have a social security number (which takes a few weeks to obtain if you are an international student).  If you are bringing your mobile phone from a different country, make sure to pack a travel adaptor.


Most often, buying a laptop online is cheaper than buying it in a brick-and-mortar store (even including the CMU computing store. and are both good websites to look for deals on laptops. A good time to buy a new laptop if you can wait is around Thanksgiving during the annual cyber Monday sales (the Monday after Thanksgiving).

Other options that students consider include Dell at or Apple at Both of these companies offer student discounts. Student discounts are also available through the Carnegie Mellon Computer Store (located in the University Center Bookstore, Laptops purchased from the University Center Computer Store may be cheaper due to student pricing but are often limited in how you can customize it. For more details in pricing, you can check the Dell website and look up the prices and specifications of laptops in the Higher Education (Government, Education and Health Care section) or Home/Home Office use sections.  If you are bringing your laptop from a different country, make sure to pack a travel adaptor. A desktop is cheaper and typically offers more computer power for less electricity and cost (but you may wish to get a thumb drive or jump drive in such a case)

Home Television and Internet

Home television and internet services are typically cheaper when purchased together. The current cutting edge in home internet/tv service is Verizon FiOS, available at If you cannot get FiOS you may look into Comcast or Verizon DSL:

Comcast: You may need to check if Comcast is available in your residential from their website. Current best deal from Comcast is 50$ a month for 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload with 45 tv channels.


Bundles are also available. Please be aware that speed of DSL internet connection can be affected by the residential area you stay in as DSL speed is influenced by the distance of your home from the base station.

Computer Cluster

Computer clusters offer internet access from PC or Macintosh computers from several locations on campus. More information is located at

Misc. Market This is a CMU bulletin board where you will be able to find things such as apartments as well as furniture, etc.


Craigslist is the current best place to find used items including furniture, apartments, and old musical instruments (and whatever else you might be looking for) in the pittsburgh area. These purchases are brokered by their owners. Please be safe in considering purchases and vette the sellers as best as possible before agreeing to meet them. Meet in public places if possible.

Television Sets

Option 1:

TVs can be obtained from stores such as Target. Alternatively, they can be also obtained from Misc.Market or Craigslist.

Option 2:

TVs can be purchased online at sites like,,,,, as well as a plethora of manufacturer websites.

Option 3:

You can use your laptop/desktop computer if it is equipped with a TV tuner card and the relevant accessories (you may need to bring/buy a small portable antenna). The disadvantage is that if your laptop malfunctions, you will have no TV as well.

What you can do before coming to Pittsburgh

  • If you have a mobile phone subscription with roaming from your home country, you can choose to cancel your mobile phone subscription a few days after you have arrived in Pittsburgh. This will allow you to stay contactable as well as make settling administrative matters easier.
  • Decide on how you will establish your internet/mobile phone/residential land line/television issues so that you will be able to settle in as quickly as possible.
  • Set up your CMU account and learn how to access

What to do on arrival to Pittsburgh

  • Call your family to let them know that you have arrived in Pittsburgh safely.
  • Execute your plan so that communications are established as soon as possible.

In Pittsburgh, you usually have to pay a security deposit for your housing — roughly equivalent to a month's rent. Most apartments have leases that last one year. Generally, one bedroom apartments can range from $500-$750 per month, but are most common around $650-$700. If utilities are not included, these can cost an additional $75-150 per month. This is especially true in old buildings that are difficult to cool and heat.

If at all possible, make a trip to Pittsburgh to look at apartments in person. Pictures from internet postings can be misleading.

Take into consideration whether you have a car and whether you want to drive your car to CMU. Parking at CMU costs around $1000 per year, and there is sometimes a wait list to get a permit at all. Many neighborhoods have street parking, but you need a permit to leave your car there during the day. This only costs $20 per year. Apartment buildings often have off-street parking, but it is not uncommon for this to cost $75-100 per month. Be sure to chose an apartment that is near a bus stop or within walking or biking distance of school if you do not want to pay to park at CMU or if you do not have a car.

Neighborhoods to Consider:


North Oakland


Squirrel Hill


Point Breeze

Highland Park


Regent Square

Neighborhoods to Avoid:

East Liberty (unless very close to Bakery Square)

South Oakland



Student Recommended Landlords

Landlords NOT Recommenced by Students:

  • Mozart Management
  • MJ Kelley
  • Lobos Management
  • CP Development (Regent Square Rentals)

Questions to Ask Prospective Landlords:

  • What is the parking situation? Is it on-street parking or off-street parking? Is parking included in rent? If on-street parking is available, does your car require a City of Pittsburgh parking permit?
  • Are any utilities included?
  • How much is the security deposit?
  • Is there a 24-hour phone number to call in case of emergency?
  • Am I allowed to install window air conditioners (if there is no central air)?
  • Apartment Checklist (.pdf)

Other Housing Resources:

  • Electricity - approximately $50 per month. Can be significantly more if you have air conditioning. Duquesne Light (pronounced Du-kane) is the major electric company in the city of Pittsburgh.
  • Heat - Gas heat can be very expensive in the city. Old, uninsulated homes combined with high gas prices means that you may be paying up to $300/month in winter.
  • Water (Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority) - approximately $20 per month. If you live in an apartment water is usually included in the rent.


Please check the USA Visa website for information for applying VISAs from your country. Also, the following link from OIE is useful (

Andrew Account

Please set up your Andrew account. Follow the instructions at You will receive a letter/email from the department informing you to do so before you arrive in Pittsburgh.

Document Handling

While transiting to Pittsburgh, you may wish to keep all your important administration documents with you (and not in your check-in luggage). For example, the immigration department will ask for your I-20, SEVIS, etc. form (if you are an international student) at customs.

ID Card

All enrolled Carnegie Mellon graduate students are entitled to an ID Card. The student should review the ID Photo Submission Application at and visit The HUB anytime after August 1.

Office of International Education (OIE) Check-in

Immigration check-in must be completed by the end of the first week of classes or you will lose your legal nonimmigrant status in the US. Upon arrival in Pittsburgh, make sure to do the OIE check-in during the graduate orientation. Bring your passport, I-94 and other immigration documents with you to for this process.

Social Security Card

To apply for a social security number, you must obtain a letter of confirmation from the Office of International Education (OIE). After that, you can fill up the social security card application form (can also be obtained from OIE) and bring along your Passport, I-94 Card, DS-2019, OIE confirmation letter and the social security number application form to the nearest Pittsburgh Social Security Offices. The receptionist from the OIE often advises not to apply for your social security card until you have been in the United States for at least 2 weeks (This is to give time for your VISA/immigration data to be transferred over to local government offices such as the social security offices). Otherwise it may take 4 weeks or more for your social security card to be approved as they will need to do security checks on you (The usual time frame for applying for social security is 2 weeks after you have submitted your application).

  • East Liberty, 6117 Penn Circle North, +1-412-361-6204, 9am-4pm (arrive at office no later than 3pm to process social security application).
    • Take outbound 500 bus from fifth and Morewood. Get off at N. Highland and Penn Circle North. Walk 1 block East or
    • 71C bus (board it at 5th Ave). Ask the bus driver to let you off in front of the Social Security office.
  • Downtown 915 Penn Avenue (corner of 9th and Penn), +1-412-644-5812 9am-4pm
    • Any 61 bus from Forbes and Morewood to downtown Pittsburgh. Get off at Wood. Walk 5 minutes or
    • 500 bus from Oakland (Fifth and Craig) to downtown Pittsburgh. Get off at 6th and Wood and walk 4 minutes or
    • Any 71 bus from Fifth and Morewood to downtown Pittsburgh. Get off at Stanwix Street. Walk 1 block.

Pennsylvania State Driver’s License

To apply for the Driver’s License, if an international student, you will need a letter from the Office of International Education (OIE). After that, you can fill up the Driver’s License Book /application form (can also be obtained from OIE) and proceed to the Local PA Driver’s License Centers. More information is available in the Driver’s License Book. Driver's license (

  • International students - please attend session during international orientation for more information
  • When changing states within the US, you can obtain a PA license from PennDot, find more information at
  • Transfer your vehicle registration - easiest to do by paying AAA- the American Automobile Association to perform the transaction. Go to AAA in East Liberty/Shadyside 5900 Baum Blvd (412-363-5100).

Banking and Budgeting

Popular choices are PNC Bank and Citizen's Bank, all of which have ATMs on campus (UC) or immediately next to campus. Most students open a student checking account where there is no charge and you will receive a debit credit card (typically Visa, useful for purchasing items or paying bills online). Do note that you can be charged a fee if you withdraw money at an ATM not belonging to your bank, so being close to your bank's ATM is convenient. Check out where each bank has ATMs (both on campus and in your neighborhood) before opening up an account.

The bank will also give you a small starter set of personal checks which you can use to pay the rent, utility bills, car insurance bills and similar. To get more checks, you will need to order them from the bank. There may be a fee, such as USD$20, if you order directly from the bank. However, some banks such as PNC have online banking where you can order checks for free online.

Bear in mind that it might take a couple of days for the bank to setup your new account, and some account features might not be functioning properly during this time or your bank draft needs about 2 weeks to clear. Thus, it is important that you bring some cash with you. Also please note that you will be paid your first stipend at the end of September so please budget accordingly.

Health Records

Make sure you have a copy of your health records (mainly vaccination dates) so that you can fill up the university health forms properly.

Health Insurance

  • All Carnegie Mellon students must have health insurance.
  • It is not mandatory to buy health insurance from Carnegie Mellon, you could continue to be covered under your parents, or obtain insurance form your spouse's company.
  • The Department covers the cost of the basic health care plan from Carnegie Mellon, and this money is distributed in your pay check from September through May.
  • Therefore, students who wish to purchase the university health care plan are responsible for paying the balance for health care upon enrollment. The department does not directly pay the health insurance company.
  • You can set up a monthly payment plan to cover your insurance costs through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) at This is a third party payment plan organization, and you should enroll by July 1 each year at the latest.
  • for more information on the various plans available.

What to do if you get sick

The following information was obtained from an information pamphlet from Office of International Education (OIE).

Check out to receive medical care and get advice about the strategy you should take for medical treatment. If Health Services cannot treat you there, they will refer you to be a specialist (Note: Dependent spouses and children cannot be treated by the Health Centre).

  • If you are ill and Health Services is closed, you can call the doctor who is on call at 412-623-2458.
  • If you are insured in the university health insurance plan you can call the nurse advice and health information line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing 1-888-258-3428.
  • If you cannot contact a doctor or the nurse advice line and the illness is severe, go to a hospital emergency room. If you are on campus, you can call the campus police to take you to the emergency room (Note: make sure to check with your insurance company in advance, if you are not so severely sick that you are prevented from doing so).
  • Take medical insurance information with you, including an insurance card if you have one.
  • Take a picture I.D. with you.
  • Take a friend or acquaintance that can help you.

The Strip District

The Strip District contains several good stores there, selling fresh cheese, meat, bread, fish. There is a large variety of international food items including Asian groceries, such as Lotus. The Strip is especially crowded on Saturday mornings. Take bus 54 (along Craig St) to go.

Giant Eagle

A major grocery chain store. There is one on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill (Take 59U, 61 buses), one on Centre Ave in Shadyside (Take 71C from North Craig Street), one on Murray Ave in Greenfield, one in the Waterfront (take 59U from Forbes Ave). Some items are offered at a reduced price if you have a "Giant Eagle Advantage Card.” This card is available to everybody for free - you have to fill up a form at a customer desk in a Giant Eagle, and you will receive it in the mail. The “Giant Eagle Advantage Card” also has a “Fuel Perks” system where you can receive discounts on gas at Get Go gas stations.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is located at 5880 Centre Avenue in the Shadyside neighborhood (a few blocks away from the Shadyside Giant Eagle). Whole Foods specializes in providing quality, organic foods harvested in sustainable, ethical ways. Some items are pricier at Whole Foods than other grocery stores, but they have excellent produce and a wide selection.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is located near Bakery Square in the East Liberty neighborhood. It is a specialty grocery store that sells gourmet food, many vegetarian options, unique products. They also have a large selection of imported foods as well as imported wine and beer. They also provide many organic options at a good price.


There is an Aldi grocery store at 5631 Baum Blvd. in Shadyside. Aldi is a budget grocery store, that “keeps things simple to cut costs.” You can find really good deals here (since grad students tend to be on a tight budget), but you’ll probably need to get most of your meats and produce somewhere else. It’s a good place for canned goods, etc.; FYI, you need a quarter to get a shopping cart here, but you get that back when you return the cart. You will also need to bring your own bags.

Kohli’s Indian Imports

There is a Kohli’s on Craig Street, very near the Mellon Institute. They carry a good selection of Indian imports, and their prices are very good. They also serve a few options for lunch each day.

Lunch around Mellon Institute

There are various cafes and eateries spread all over campus including one in Mellon Institute. Another very inexpensive option are the CMU trucks, a variety of food vendors located on Margaret Morrison street on the north side of the campus. There are also cafes and restaurants on Craig Street and along Forbes Avenue.

Food Carts

  • Chinese and Indian food ~$3.00 to $5.50 at corner of Bigelow Blvd and 5th Ave, Carnegie Mellon food carts are at corner of Forbes and the road behind the running track. (cash only)

Craig Street

  • EatUnique - sandwiches, salads, great soups (a bit pricey); Crepe Parisiennes - very tasty, cash only; Quiznos; Lucca's - fancy Italian, expensive; Union Grill - bar food; Maximum Flavor Pizza - super cheap; Starbucks - pastries and coffee; Bagel Factory - sandwiches, wraps, pastries, bagels, and Coffee Tree Roasters’ coffee; Subway; Yuva India - overpriced, not that great; Ali Baba - Middle Eastern, best hummus around; Lulu's Noodles - cash only during lunch, egg rolls are tasty; Oriental Express - you either love it or you hate it...; Little Asia - good bubble tea, better than Lulu’s; Panther Hollow Inn - cheap pizza; Tamarind Flavor of India - a little further away from Mellon on Craig, but very, very good and buffet on weekends, student special on Wednesdays.

Forbes Avenue in Oakland

  • Uncle Sam's - greasy good subs; Hemingway's - happy hour specials are always good here; Panera; Primanti's - for sandwiches with fries and slaw; Qdoba; Spice Island; Café and Tea House (South East Asian food) - Atwood and Forbes; Arby's; McDonald's; Joe Mama's; Quiznos; Taiwan cuisine; Noodles & co; Chipotle and Mad Mex; Down Atwood, off Forbes, most items are 50% off after 10 pm.


Tips generally range 15%-20%, depending on how much you liked the service. Not tipping is considered very rude and is not recommended. The IRS automatically taxes the waiter/waitress assuming they are receiving a 15% tip.

Pittsburgh Attractions


Giant Eagle for groceries (in most neighborhoods)

  • Obtain the Giant Eagle discount card. Money spent on groceries gives you a gas discount at GetGo-brand gas stations.


  • Waterworks (closest to Oakland/Shadyside) and Robinson Town Center (near airport).

The Waterfront

  • Variety of stores, including Target, Giant Eagle, Best Buy, Lowe's, Dick's Sporting Goods, T J Maxx, DSW Shoes and clothing stores, Loews Cinema.

Robinson Town Center

  • Ikea, Costco, Walmart, BestBuy, Robinson Town Mall.

Highland Ave (Shadyside neighborhood)

  • Home Depot, Supercuts, H&R Block, Smiley's Pet Pad, Buffalo Blues (good wings, check restaurant for all you eat wings, or ribs night), Casbah, Arhaus furniture, Red Room Café and Lounge - smoke free, but said to be on the pricey side.

Penn Circle

  • Advanced Auto, Home Depot, McDonald’s

Walnut Street (Shadyside neighborhood)

  • Banana Republic, JCrew, Gap, Gap Kids, Benetton, Sephora, Sushi Too, My Thai, Crepe Place, Prantl's Bakery, Starbucks, Coffee Tree Roasters, Doc's Place, William Penn Tavern.

Ellsworth Ave (Shadyside neighborhood)

  • Fajita Grill (mmm...tasty!), Dancing Goat Café, Capristo Salon, 5801, Elbow Room, Bites and Brews, Harris Grill, Shadyside Saloon, Unimart.

South St. Clair off Baum

  • Sharp Edge - beer emporium (comes highly endorsed by numerous students)

Murray and Forbes Ave (Squirrel Hill neighborhood)

  • Barnes and Nobles, Rita's Ice, Eat and Park, Giant Eagle, Greek and Turkish food stores.

Centre Ave

  • AAA, PepBoys, Giant Eagle, Panera, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Wendy's, Boston Market.

The Strip

  • Ethnic markets e.g. Lotus - the better Asian food store. Wholey's market for seafood and meat. Clubs - e.g. Tequila Willeys, and many good restaurants.

Station Square

  • Hard Rock Café, Bucca's, Gateway Clipper Cruise.


  • Carson Street - Paparazzi, Southside works - Movie theatre, The Cheesecake Factory, bookstore, Haufbrau House, Benetton and many other clothing stores.

Directions to Attractions and Shopping

  • Waterworks
    • Go out 5th Ave. past Shadyside, it will turn into Washington Blvd., stay on it following signs for Highland Park and the Zoo. Turn left onto North 8 and stay in the right hand lane. Go over Highland Park Bridge and take an immediate right (Aspinwall exit) as soon as you get to the end of the bridge. Stay straight on that road until you see The Waterworks. You can take 71B (Waterworks), make sure it is the 71B that says Waterworks on the front, they don’t all go there.
  • Waterfront
    • From 5th Ave., follow the Blue Belt up Shady Ave, toward Squirrel Hill. Follow signs for the Blue Belt and turn right onto Forward Ave following signs for Homestead and the Waterfront. Continue on the same road until seeing the Waterfront
  • Robinson Town Center
    • After merging onto Blvd. of the Allies, follow signs for 376 and take the exit that is almost immediately after getting onto the Blvd. Then follow signs for the Airport and Fort Pitt bridge (279 south).
  • South Side
    • Go out 5th Ave. towards Downtown and take the Birmingham Bridge across to the South Side. The 75 Ellsworth bus will take you to South Side.
  • Strip District
    • Go out 5th Ave. away from Downtown (toward Shadyside). Turn left on Shady Ave. Turn left onto Penn Ave. Follow Penn into the Strip District. Need to get to Smallman (turn right at 22nd street), which runs parallel to Penn for main part of the Strip. Can also go through downtown. 54 bus goes to Strip.


Your Carnegie Mellon ID provides free and unlimited use of all public transportation (buses, the "T" subway and the inclines) in the city. A trip planner is available at There are many buses from Shadyside to Mellon Institute (71A, 71B 71C, and 71D) and from Squirrel Hill to Mellon Institute (61A, 61B, 61C). Most of them will take you downtown as well. Depending on whether the bus is headed into or out of downtown, you are suppose to show the student card when you are getting on or off the bus, which can be tricky. If the bus driver places his hand on the machine where you buy the bus tickets, you show your student card to him only when you get off the bus. You can check bus schedules or plan trips from this website: Many smartphones have public transportation apps that can help you determine when a bus you’re looking for is arriving at a particular spot.

CMU Escort Service

In the evening and at night, CMU runs a free service, Carnegie Mellon's Escort Service will pick you up outside Mellon Institute and drop you off at your doorstep in Shadyside, Squirrel Hill or Oakland after hours, which is especially useful when working late nights in the lab. Carnegie Mellon's Shuttle bus service stops at designated locations in North Oakland and Shadyside. There are about five different pick-up locations on campus, and vans (they are written as ESCORT in white, usually on the ground) and run at a frequency of every 30 minutes. For more information see:

Pittsburgh International Airport

Bus 28X shuttles in-between from CMU and the Pittsburgh International Airport. The ride is free with a CMU ID and is much cheaper (under USD$5) than taking a cab (approximately USD$30-$40). The traveling time takes approximately 50 minutes, but allow plenty of buffer time to account for traffic and airport security.

Bicycle Stands

Bicycle stands are available in the Mellon Institute as well as at various spots on campus.


Yellow Taxi: +1-412-321-8100
Checker Cab Co: +1-412-231-1502
Eagle: +1-412-765-1555
Peoples: +1-412-441-5334
Classy Cab Co: +1-412-322-5080

Life Other Than Classes

There are numerous societies and clubs on campus that you can join. Also, the university centre has several gyms, squash courts, tennis courts, basketball courts and a swimming pool.

Official University days off

Academic Calendar

  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Day After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Mid-semester break (no class but lab rotation still on going)
  • Unofficial time off can be arranged with rotation professors. Graduate students are allowed 10 days of vacation, including 9 holidays listed above.

Activity fair in September

Held at main campus. for a list of organizations.


  • Skibo gym (obtain gym pass from UC gym).
  • UC gym (exchange Carnegie Mellon ID for gym wristband).
  • Free equipment rental available at UC gym (e.g. tennis, badminton, squash and racquetball racquets).
  • Group exercise classes available with a fee, class passes purchased in sets of 10.
  • One guest pass is free.


Several locations on campus are available for playing the piano (legally and illegally). The legal source of a piano is at a student dormitory called Morewood Gardens. Show your ID to the staff and ask for the keys to the piano room. Music scores can be sourced through the internet or through the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (which has a huge collection of classical, jazz as well as modern music scores for guitar, piano and vocal).


Movies can be rented from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for free. They have a fairly up to date catalog at

Movie theatres are located at the waterfront as well as Squirrel Hill.

Movies are also shown at CMU University Centre for approximately USD $1 - $3 most weeks on Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat nights. You can view the schedule at


Ice skating is also available during winter at Schenley Park.

Night Life

Pittsburgh has a variety of neighborhoods with exciting night life.

  • Oakland - Union Grill has a wine night, PHI Bar has very cheap drink specials, Butterjoint at Legume has hip, delicious cocktails but sometimes pricey, happy hour 4-6; Hemingway’s on Forbes has a happy hour from 4-6 p.m. and very cheap shots and pitchers. In South Oakland, there many small bars with a college bar fee. These are frequented by University of Pittsburgh undergrads.
  • Shadyside: Walnut Street and Ellsworth - Walnut Street has a few bars and restaurants. CMU graduate student happy hours are held at Mario’s on Walnut. Steel Cactus on Walnut is home to the famous “Yinzerita”, a margarita with a corona beer in it. Other bars are William Penn and Shady Grove. Most of them also serve food. On Ellsworth in Shadyside has many bars and restaurants, and many graduate students go out here: Harris Grill - great cocktails and food, they have a bacon night; The Elbow Room, Shadyside Saloon, 5801 Video Lounge and Cafe - fun atmosphere, good cocktails; Soba; Bites and Brews - good beer from local breweries and pizza; 1947- awesome whiskey bar with Prohibition style cocktails. Almost all of the Ellsworth bars have outdoor seating.
  • Highland Ave Shadyside - Buffalo Wild Wings, Mad Mex, Casbah, BRGR.
  • Strip District - There are a few club style bars with dancing in the Strip District: Static, Exit Nightclub, Harp and Fiddle, Sports Rock Cafe
  • Downtown/North Shore - Many places to go out in downtown Pittsburgh are in Market Square or around William Penn Place: 5ive Lounge, Andy’s Wine Bar, Little E’s Jazz Club, North Shore Saloon, McFadden’s, Olive or Twist, Tap Room, many more.
  • The North Side - Rivertowne (brewery and restaurant); Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery; Drum Bar; Pegasus Lounge - much dancing, themed dance nights; Hightops- sports bar; Cigar Bar, many more.
  • The South Side - Probably the most famous neighborhood to go out in at night. The South Side is rumored to have the most bars per city block (on Carson Street) than anywhere else in the country. There are at least 80 bars in the neighborhood of South Side Flats. They range from small neighborhood bars to Sports bars, lounges, and dance clubs. Some popular options include: Lava Lounge - Spelling B’s on Monday nights; Diesel Club lounge - popular dance club; Z:Lounge; Jimmy D’s, Saddle Ridge - country dancing; Charlie Murdoch’s Piano Bar, many, many more.

Suggested Things to Bring

  • Winter Clothing + Gloves (It can get as cold as -20 degrees Celsius during winter)
  • Camera
  • Travel Adaptors (For internationals)

Pittsburgh Weather

  • Can be highly variable, even within the same day.
  • Cool jacket for spring and fall.
  • Bring umbrella for heavy rains in spring and sudden thunderstorms throughout the summer.
  • Winter can be extremely cold. Unless you routinely enjoy freezing, bring gloves, winter coats, scarves, hat and dress in layers.
  • Summer can be very hot - ~90 F.

Daylight savings

Turn the clock an hour forward in spring, and an hour back in fall.

Seeking Help

  • The Biology Departmental Office – Room 410, Mellon Institute
  • Mentors will be assigned to you during your first year and they will try their best to offer helpful advice.
  • Senior Graduate Students (notes and tips are available from some of us)
  • Your Fellow Classmates

Attending Non-Compulsory Courses and Seminars

There are numerous seminars such as networking in your field, grant writing, job interviews, etc. There are also career seminars that allow you to find out what working in industry, etc. is like. These will prove useful to you in the future. It is not necessary to attend all of them in the first year since they are repeated on an annual basis.

Getting to Mellon Institute

  • Biking - MI has a bike room with bike racks, to the right of the Bellefield entrance on the third floor.
  • Campus parking - graduate students are wait listed for campus parking.
  • Metered lots available around Mellon Institute but it may be hard to obtain a spot.
  • Day parking available for $12 at the SEI multistory garage, next door to Mellon Institute on Dithridge St.