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Metro21 Partners

Carnegie Mellon University works closely with the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and other government agencies to incubate a range of technological systems that will improve safety, enhance mobility, promote efficiency and address pollution. As the Metro21: Smart Cities Institute strives to create a global model for smarter city systems, corporations, foundations and startups have also proven to be key partners.

City of Pittsburgh Partnership

In August of 2014, Carnegie Mellon University and the City of Pittsburgh entered into a formal partnership marked by the adoption of a Memorandum of Understanding between both parties. This MOU outlines the unique city/university partnership essential to the success of the research, development and deployment efforts of Metro21.

This memo of understanding serves to formalize the long-standing partnership between the City of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. Both the city and CMU seek to showcase Pittsburgh as a vibrant, innovative and sustainable community while developing technologies, methods and models for use across the country and around the world. Both parties also wish to create a pathway for students to remain in and contribute to Pittsburgh after graduation. This agreement ensures the communication and coordination necessary to achieve these goals.

Allegheny County Partnership

The City of Pittsburgh and the County of Allegheny collaborate closely with each other to further the quality of life and economy of the Pittsburgh metro. Reinforcing that collaboration, in December of 2015, Carnegie Mellon University and the County of Allegheny have also entered into a formal partnership captured in a Memorandum of Understanding.

Virtually identical to the city/university agreement, this MOU outlines the ingredients essential to pursuing the research, development and deployment projects under the Metro21 banner.

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Pittsburgh International Airport Partnership

Pittsburgh International Airport and Carnegie Mellon University work together to through a partnership to develop new systems and technologies for the aviation industry, enhancing traveler experiences and airport operations. The partnership, focused on expanding research and education collaboration, is captured in a Memorandum of Understanding that was announced in 2018.

The MOU will allow faculty and students CMU and Metro21 to research, develop and deploy several innovative projects throughout the airport. As the Allegheny County Airport Authority seeks to make Pittsburgh International Aiport and innovation center in aviation, the partnership provides for streamlined communication between the two parties and in-depth collaboration.

Institutional & Intercollegiate Partners

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