Carnegie Mellon University


April 26, 2019

WTAE Covers Metro21's Landslide Analysis Project

WTAE, Pittsburgh's Action News Channel, paid a visit to Metro21 to learn more about what we are doing to prevent landslides by spotting hillside issues early.

Karen Lightman, Executive director of Metro21: Smart Cities Institute was interviewed to highlight the Metro21 Landslide Analsysis project. Lightman describes how important the issue is to the city and the county and how Carnegie Mellon's technology is being used to address the landslide problem that is affecting mobility and housing in the City of Pittsburgh.

The Metro21 Landslide Analysis project is led by Christoph Mertz, the co-founder of RoadBotics, a company that uses a smartphone app and artifical intellgience to monitor road conditions. Mertz is using the same technology to monitor hillsides and then analyzing the data to determine which hillsides might be more susceptible to failure. 

The project is still in development. Stay up to date on Metro21 projects by following us on Twitter and visiting our projects webpage

Read the full article here: Preventing Landslides: Carnegie Mellon working on spotting hillside issues early