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Volcker Alliance

Metro21 Releases Interim Report for Volcker Alliance Projects

Metro21 has been working with the Volcker Alliance for 18 months on various projects which have been summarized in the interim report.

The report highlighted:

  • Core accomplishments for two groups (Intel Sharing and Public Messaging)
    • Hold “Intel Sharing” convenings between career services and government hiring managers – to increase awareness of the value and full spectrum of job opportunities in government among college and university students and recent graduates in the Pittsburgh region.
    • Launch a Public Service Messaging Campaign with inception of G2U PGH Instagram – to provide university career services leaders and government hiring managers with the information needed to guide students through successfully finding and applying for government jobs.
  • Community response
    • 100% of responses said G2U PGH has helped better connect the region’s talent in universities with careers in public service
    • 75% of responses indicated being a part of G2U PGH has helped them connect with new people or organizations
    • 92% of responses said being a part of G2U PGH helps with their organization’s mission
  • Unanticipated challenges
    • The COVID-19 pandemic was by far the biggest challenge to this project. With the shutdown of all in-person events and hiring freezes at nearly all government agencies, it forced the group to re-evaluate its mission and work collaboratively to provide insight and value, both short- and long-term for university career agencies and their students, as well as government agencies.
  • Lessons learned and potential for expansion
    • Students and employers use various social media platforms to promote their organization, events, and career opportunities. We have narrowed it down to LinkedIn as the best platform for sharing and connecting potential job seekers with career opportunities, while Instagram is best for sharing personal anecdotes and career tips through videos and interactive graphics.

Access the full report here.