Carnegie Mellon University

SAE Panel

Urban Mobility Series: Profitability vs. Societal Benefits

Executive Director Karen Lightman of Metro21 joined the SAE Detroit panel to discuss their "Urban Mobility Series: Profitability vs. Societal Benefits" on Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

Joined by Karina Ricks, Director of the City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility & Infrastructure, Nicola Kane of Transport for Greater Manchester, and Andreas Mai of Ecomo, the panel discussed the revenue issues that transit agencies have wrestled with  for decades. Should profitability be the only measure of success of a transportation service? What societal benefits can be weighed by additional transportation options? The panel will address current mobility business models, economic strategies, and societal directives focused on answering the question: How should mobility services be measured as successful?

Watch the full presentation here.