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Positive Change Catalyzed when Individuals Work Together

Setting the stage for the future of smart cities is as much about empowering citizens as it is about implementing the latest and greatest technologies. Metro21’s Night Owl Bakers project does just that as they set forth a bold vision to create a type of program, that focuses on the positive change catalyzed when individuals work together within a caring, forward-thinking, educational environment.

Night Owl Bakers is a life readiness program for young adults living in chronic poverty and encountering gross educational disparities, that combines food science with 21st-century skills to promote societal and mental well-being.

The curriculum is hands-on and project-based integrating social, ethical, and environmental concerns with various methodologies designed to establish a responsive, holistic mindset. Through the 8-week program, participants are exposed to multi-modal learning experiences designed to create an awareness of the broader application of skills in various professional disciplines.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so check out what the program participants have been up to:






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