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Metro21 Recognized as a Top Smart City Partner by Newsweek

Newsweek selected 100 Smart City partners across the globe who are taking action, initiating projects to enacting real change, and doing something bold and unique to lead us into the land unknown.

Metro21 was among the 100 Smart City partners along with Carnegie Mellon University Africa and Carnegie Mellon partners like ArgoAI and Petuum to receive the 2019 Newsweek Momentum Award.

Over half of the world's population lives in a city or urban area and this number is expected to exceed 68% by 2050, according to UN estimates. With the emergence of new technologies, for the first time, our cities are becoming unspeakably "smart," where digital intellect crossed with human compassion helps actualize the world we care to dream. We're seeing the upswing of momentum; of technology, mobility, and design.

The core to Metro21 projects is the mantra "Research, Development and Deployment" (RD&D). Metro21: Smart Cities Institute provides 21st century solutions to the challenges facing metro areas by supporting research and development of possible solutions and then testing them for viability and scalability in partnership with one or more partners in a "real world" laboratory.

Metro21 has completed over 50 project focused on developing forward-thinking solutions to enhance both individual systems and their collective integration through optimization, the exploration of newer and smarter technologies, and policy change.

The winners will be announced in a special issue of Newsweek magazine and be honored at an event in Atlanta in the fall. Congratulations to all of the work completed by Metro21 and their partners! Metro21 cannot build a smart city alone and hope this momentum propels us into a strong 2020 research year!

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