Carnegie Mellon University


November 14, 2018

Metro21 Podcast: Diane Turnshek Talks Light Pollution and the Night Sky

In this episode we look at how light pollution effects our daily lives and what Metro21 in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh are doing to curb this form of pollution. We bring on one of the foremost experts in the field of light pollution, Diane Turnshek. 

Diane has spent her career studying astronomy (but she managed to find time to dabble with science fiction writing) Currently, she is a lecturer in Carnegie Mellon’s Physics Department. Also, Diane is an instructor at the University of Pittsburgh teaching several astronomy classes. In 2015 she was awarded the prestigious Dark Sky Defender Award.

In this interview, we think you will find it really interesting how many different hats Diane has worn in her career.  Also, It is hard not to feel the passion Diane has for her work in Astronomy, and she shares some pretty amazing stories. 

Diane has been working with Metro21 on a project titled “Artificial Light Survey of Nighttime Pittsburgh.” This project will allow the city to gain a better understanding of the light pollution in Pittsburgh. 

Listen to the podcast: