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Vibrant Index

The Vibrant Index Provides Regional Report for 2020

On Wednesday, August 11, members from Vibrant Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development provided the 2020 Vibrant Index, which identifies areas of success as well as what critical actions are needed to improve the practices, policies, and cultures of organizations in the Pittsburgh region.

Read the full summary report here.

Speakers included:

The Vibrant Index is a process that assists organizations to identify strengths and offers assistance to improve areas of diversity, equity & inclusion and measures organizations off of the following criteria:

  • Written commitment and transparency
  • Accountability metrics
  • Benefits and policies
  • Talent engagement and recruitment
  • Employee networks
  • Supplier diversity
  • Diversity and leadership
  • Community engagement
  • Training and education
  • 2020 Organizational response

Lora McKnight, COO & VP of Programs & Services, Vibrant Pittsburgh:

  • This is a unique process that is being done within our region – current knowledge is that no other region is looking at how organizations are dealing with DEI in this format
  • Saw 78% increase in organizations using the index
    • Nonprofits comprised 54% of organizational participation
  • Answered 10 categories but only scored in 9 categories
    • Social unrest category was not scored
  • 94% want feel having an inclusive culture of DEI is important
  • Many organizations include DEI training, but only as part of the onboarding process
    • Webinars were the most likely way to give DEI training
  • To ensure hiring processes are fair and biases are mitigated, holding hiring panels, standardized interview questions help organizations check their bias in recruiting efforts

Sabrina Saunders Mosby, President and CEO, Vibrant Pittsburgh:

  • Companies at or above 95% are “Vibrant Champions”, they adhere to the many DEI practices featured in the diagnostic

  • Today’s workforce is one of the most diverse in our nation’s history 

  • Focus on equity in the workplace must be magnifiedcall-to-action.png