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Utility Supercluster

Utility Supercluster: Celebrating the “Smart” City of Pittsburgh

Experts in the field of all things smart cities met for The Utility Supercluster: Celebrating the "Smart" City of Pittsburgh presented by Dots and Bridges on October 13, 2021. Watch Metro21 Executive Director Karen Lightman and others as they participate in a series of guided conversations about sustainable energy, water management & conservation, and a resilient utility sector.

Our world has fast become increasingly dependent on “smart” devices in fundamentally new ways. Subsequently, the “critical” infrastructure, i.e. assets, networks, and systems, underpinning our  cities/communities require the security, functionality, and resiliency deemed vital to public safety, prosperity, and well-being.

Incorporating a heterogeneous, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Smart City fabric requires continuous diagnostics and mitigation to reduce cyber-physical risk AND provide visibility.

These technologies will enable cities and communities to improve services, promote economic growth, and enhance the quality of life but also require thoughtful risk mitigation.

Watch the full discussion here.