Carnegie Mellon University

Smart Cities Symposium

5th Annual Smart Cities International Symposium

Metro21 Executive Director Karen Lightman was featured as a panelist for the 5th Annual Smart Cities International Symposium on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, where she discussed "Smart City Solutions for a Riskier World" with other experts in the field.

City officials want more than examples of technological solutions: they need an evidence-based roadmap for making their cities safe, sustainable, and resilient. A roadmap that includes lessons learned from the current pandemic, centered on the social imperatives that matter most, and based on objective quantitative analysis that shows which investments work best.

This session will explore key findings from ESI ThoughtLab's year-long, global multi-organization study examining the social, environmental, and economic impact of investments in smart technologies -- and the solutions and strategies that work best. It will include representatives from a coalition of corporate, academic, and government leaders involved in this study. Our goal is to provide attendees with an evidence-based roadmap to resilience and sustainability and open a valuable ongoing dialogue between citizens and urban leaders.