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Metro21 Attends Dots and Bridges Event “Securing Vital Machinery Underpinning the American Way of Life”

Securing Vital Machinery Underpinning the American Way of Life

Metro21 Attends Dots and Bridges Event “Securing Vital Machinery Underpinning the American Way of Life.”

The United States’ critical infrastructure sectors are under continuous attack, and humanity is at risk. Collectively, our Government, Commercial, and Academic partners recognize the need for trusted partnerships and mature technologies. Context-aware analytics, cloud computing, and intelligent automation can foster a reliable, resilient, and next-gen architecture. This effort requires equal parts of People, Processes, and Solutions to realize “greater good” results.

The speakers included

We Joined them as they:

  • Celebrated influential thought leadership and vision.
  • Addressed the Technology-Humanity-Culture intersection.
  • Informed, Educated, and Enlightened.

Discussion Highlights

Edward Rhyne on Information Tech (IT) – Operational Tech (OT) Convergence and its importance:

  • In the past we have heard about digitization of control systems. Now almost everything in the electric and energy sector is moving towards digital controls. A lot of these systems can be accessed either remotely or via a network connection. This is mostly the IT-OT convergence. In simple terms, you are able to control your OT system using network, that is the IT component.
  • The knowledge of convergence is important because a malicious attack can only be differentiated if we know what caused the system to trip. Was it a physical load anomaly or a cyber-attack?

Sachin Nayyar

  • Threat mitigation must be real time when there is an issue. Some companies want to run it through dev-test cycle which defeats the purpose.
  • The speed at which we need to move when a threat pops up in any environment, Securonix is the leading company in that vertical. They have capabilities in cloud-based security analytics anomaly detection and response platforms.
  • Even small data can help solve big problems as long as we can establish patterns. Start analyzing even the small datasets.

Aditya Sundararam on layers of security architecture:

  • The solution of cyber security problems is somewhere at the intersection of analytics, data science, centralized telemetry, and threat hunting. To further improve this, we include application monitoring, and IoT monitoring fraud.

Find the recording of this event here.