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PA AV Summit Episode 5

PA AV’s Webinar on Economic Development: Fostering Vibrant Economies Through Automated Vehicles

Metro21 attended the PA AV’s Webinar on Economic Development: Fostering Vibrant Economies Through Automated Vehicles on July 8, 2021.

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Secretary Dennis Davin moderated a robust discussion with three esteemed panelists on harnessing AV technology as a catalyst for economic growth and development. Specifically, the conversation addressed market and industry trends, opportunities, challenges, and best practices for driving Pennsylvania’s regional and statewide economies forward through the research, testing, and deployment of AV technology.

The Summit Episode 5 featured:

Audrey Russo, President & Chief Executive Officer, Pittsburgh Technology Council.

Mark Anthony Thomas, President, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

Vincent Valdes, Executive Director, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC)


Some insights:

On Automated Vehicle safety, technology and policy by Audrey Russo:

  • Continue to advocate the investment and support for world class research (NREC).
  • Convening leaders in AV here in PA – making sure PA is where the world is pointing to.
  • Attract international conferences on autonomy.
  • Support airport and mass transit efforts.
  • Support elected officials, educate them on latest technologies and solutions.
  • Support policies that encourage testing and deployment of AV technologies.

On investment in Automation by Vincent Valdes:

  • Improve safety, efficiency and productivity.
  • Potentially reduce operating costs.
  • Increase traveler convenience.
  • Expand service hours and areas.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.

Pittsburgh Region: Next is now by Mark A Thomas:

  • Pittsburgh is the place where people solve the world biggest problems.
  • Booming tech ecosystem.
  • Leader in AV, AI, and advanced manufacturing.
  • Top city for STEM professionals.
  • Public Support.
  • Access to Major US population, Economic Centers.
  • Strong and Accessible Talent Base.

You can access the recording here.