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Being Smart Isn't Smart Enough

Being Smart Isn't Smart Enough

Join Metro21 Executive Director Karen Lightman on Monday, April 26 from 6-7pm as she hosts "Being Smart Isn't Smart Enough: Enabling Connected, Resilient, Equitable, and Sustainable Communities Through User-Centered Collaboration" hosted by PDMA Pittsburgh.

The rapid emergence of new technologies is enabling cities to become smarter and more connected. But these days, smart isn’t enough. In order to make a lasting, positive impact on a community, the deployment of technology must also be equitable and sustainable, resilient to the shocks and stresses that we often can’t predict.

During this virtual event, Karen Lightman will leverage her experience as the Executive Director at Metro21 to discuss relevant projects that use technology and strong partnerships to deploy 21st century solutions to meet the challenges facing metropolitan regions. She will share how, through using a user-centered design process, the deployed technology can enable a community to go way beyond just being smart – it can also be equitable, resilient, and sustainable.

During this event, you’ll learn:
• How smart technologies are being developed and employed in our region
• How to build equitability and sustainability into technology deployment
• Approaches to large-scale problems and how to leverage partnerships
• Best practices and lessons learned on keeping a user-centered focus in smart technology applications. 

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