Carnegie Mellon University

Lunch and Learn November 11

Lunch and Learn with Haiyi Zhu

On Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Metro21 hosted Dr. Haiyi Zhu for a Lunch and Learn on her project, "From Discovery to Design: Creating AI Technologies to Support Massive-Scale Online Collaboration."

The development of internet technologies creates virtual spaces where people all over the world can interact around a shared purpose. Internet-based platforms such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Airbnb, and Uber have transformed the way people connect, communicate, collaborate, work, and live. These platforms also enable collaboration and coordination at unprecedented scales. In her work, Dr. Zhu conducts two types of research activities: 1) “Discovery” – wherein she integrates different research methods, including machine learning, log data analysis, and controlled experiments, to produce a clear description and causal understanding of how activities are managed on large online platforms, and then 2) “Design” – in which she combines in-depth empirical understanding with design methods to create innovative AI technologies to support massive-scale collaboration and coordination on these platforms and to evaluate their effectiveness and impact in the real world. In this talk, Dr. Zhu will illustrate her approaches to research, discuss her transition from discovery to design, and discuss her ongoing work and future directions.

View Haiyi's presentation here.