Carnegie Mellon University


Metro21 Faculty Awarded Posner, Molloy, and Pietrandrea Career Development Chair in Civil Engineering

Metro21 faculty, Sean Qian has been awarded the Posner, Molloy, and Pietrandrea Career Development Chair in Civil Engineering. The position supports faculty early in their academic career in their mission to advance research and build out meaningful impact in the community and field of civil engineering. Sean’s work in bringing about real-time monitoring and data modeling on congestion reduction, intelligent infrastructure, and energy efficiency has made him a leader in the field. He serves as the director of Carnegie Mellon’s Mobility Data Analytics Center (MAC), where he analyzes massive quantities of data to make meaningful recommendations to the city about how to best address infrastructure challenges. Qian says that he is excited to further expand on the impact of his work, especially in “understanding the societal consequences of emerging technologies to infrastructure and human beings.”

Qian is the first ever recipient of the award, and Metro21 is proud to have him as an integral part of the mission to generate real-world solutions to the evolving needs of cities.

Learn more about Qian's Metro21 project: Evaluating and Improving Asphalt Pavement in the City of Pittsburgh