Carnegie Mellon University

Passengers traveling through the Pittsburgh International Airport.

PIT Airport uses CMU tech to improve travelers' trips

Metro21's partner, the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), is in the news today for their new applications of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) technology and research. Since teaming up with Zensors, a foot-traffic monitoring system spun out of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, the airport has been able to provide more up-to-date information for travelers about their wait times through TSA security lines. This news follows a story from May about CMU-generated technology NavCog, which is being used to assist passengers with visual impairments.

By utilizing partnerships forged by Metro21 between CMU and PIT since spring 2018, the community has gained a more responsive and adaptive airport experience in an effort to have "the smartest airport on the planet." For more information about Metro21's partnership with the Pittsburgh International Airport, read more here