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Christine leads ideation

Metro21, NSF host Sustainable Urban Systems Workshop

Metro21 hosted the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) Workshop from July 29-30, bringing together faculty, students, and researchers from industry, municipalities, and the non-profit sector from across the United States. Over the course of the workshop, attendees ideated around themes of research questions related to the transformation of spaces for social, ecological, and economic benefit of stakeholders through automation. At the SUS workshop, participants collaborated to bring about a series of key research questions for the NSF and researchers. Themes of the sessions surrounded resilience, building equity into projects, application models for deployment, identifying opportunities for public-private partnerships, and seeking breakthroughs in sensing, edge computing, and machine learning to enable benefits from automation.

Partners from across disciplines and research foci convened on issues, such as: energy, water, buildings, transportation, sensors, data integration, agrofood, and automation. Engineers, policymakers, and academics collaborated to address challenges to the work in communities, broadly citing lack of community engagement and underutilization of technology in existing infrastructure. Following the workshop, NSF and partners of Metro21 will be releasing a document cataloguing the discussions and providing actionable next steps for collaborators.

To learn more about the workshop please visit the webpage: Concepts for Advancing Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) Research Networks

Attendees listen to presentation
Attendees listen on as Professor Paul Cohen breaks down the NSF Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) report.
Attendees listen to presentation
Professor Constantine "Costa" Samaras provides opening remarks regarding Sustainable Urban Systems implications for Pittsburgh and beyond.
Attendees listen to presentation
Metro21's Executive Director Karen Lightman introduces speakers and addresses attendees at the workshop.
Collaboration in action
Facilitator Christine Hendren leads one of the groups in an ideation session.
Discussing best practices
The larger group divides into breakout groups to formulate concrete research questions.
Attendees listening to presentation
Professor Paul Cohen details the Modeling and Managing Complicated Systems Conference from this May.