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Pittsburgh’s Night Owl Baker’s week of Entrepreneurship Program

Karen Lightman, executive director of Metro21, has been invited to Pittsburgh’s Night Owl Baker’s week of entrepreneurship program.

This program is a workforce and career readiness engagement for young adults who will explore their passion and purpose through making and selling artisanal breads and baked goods. The Night Owl Baker’s mission is to improve the health of young adults by addressing their social, educational and economic needs through relationships—person to person, person to community, and person to nature.

As part of the entrepreneurship program, Karen will be a guest judge for the pitch/“minnow tank” part of the  program. Participants in the program will present their products to a panel, successful pitches will win a grant from Night Owl Bakers.

Karen has graciously accepted a role to be not only a judge, but also a mentor for the entrepreneurship program. Metro21 supports and aims to continue the thread of Pittsburgh community engagement and involvement. Some highlight goals of the inviting organization include

  • Build vibrant community through inclusion and engagement
  • Cultivate new economic opportunities and mobility through hands-on learning
  • Connect diverse groups through old and new communication channels
  • Teach the benefits of sustainable practices and design
  • Nurture and care for people’s health and well-being

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