Carnegie Mellon University

Karen speaking to attendees of the Summer Learning Series

Karen Lightman addresses Summer Learning Series, Talks IoT

Metro21’s Executive Director Karen Lightman spoke to attendees of the Summer Learning Series, a program through CMU’s Heinz College that brings together students and graduates of the MSIT executive education program. This year’s theme is Internet of Things and speakers were encouraged to bring examples of their work in connected technology. Karen talked about the advancing work of Metro21 in bridging the community of researchers at CMU with local leaders throughout the city. She highlighted partnerships with local government officials, industry, and infrastructure providers, and discussed air monitoring for increased quality of life and roadside landslide detection. Attendees walked away with an understanding of Metro21 and CMU’s commitment to sustainability and improving city life through technological progress and IoT deployment.

As Karen says, “Metro21 is at the center of work that’s being done locally and globally. From best practice sharing to events hosting domestic and international leaders, the Metro21 Institute brings together industry, research groups, and government to ensure that cities can do their best work to serve the people through policy and technology.”